Lena Paul Braces for an Airtight Invasion from Pure Taboo

Lena Paul Braces for an Airtight Invasion from Pure Taboo

Lena Paul Braces for an Airtight Invasion from Pure Taboo

Bree Mills and Pure Taboo proudly present Airtight Invasion, a dark erotic thriller written by and starring Lena Paul, available at .

Mills directed the tense drama, which highlights a rough ‘revenge’ airtight sex scene - including anal, an intense double penetration and a messy facial finish - after Lena Paul’s character Veronica is taken and held by a trio of criminals (Bambino, Codey Steele, and Johnny Goodluck).

“I've never felt drawn to expressing my own personal trauma in my porn because I generally find it a little inappropriate to air your dirty laundry online,” said Paul of writing the provocative scene. “However, when Bree approached me to write a story for Pure Taboo, I felt it was an opportunity to share my own experiences in a serious adult piece.”

“The parameters of my story stem from a recurring nightmare I had after being assaulted. I’d like to offer this project as my #MeToo, in that I wanted to create a story that women who’ve suffered trauma could feel empowered about watching.

“A lot of women who watch porn, particularly rough sex scenarios, after experiencing trauma feel a lot of shame about it, despite it being an extremely common fantasy (top 5 actually according to some studies) for women.

“It was my desire to thread the needle of empowering women while also placing my character in a seemingly dangerous or degrading setting to talk about how this juxtaposition can feel both complicated and pleasurable for viewers.

“I hope, in the end, that Airtight Invasion will continue our industry’s conversations about female empowerment and representation.”

The trailer and full scene are available at  . Go to PureTaboo.com’s official cast page to find out more about Airtight Invasionstar .