Bunny Ranch's Dennis Hof , 72, dead

Famous Brothel owner and free speech activist, Dennis Hof, has been reported dead.

Dennis Hoff

Dennis Hoff

Nevada brothel owner, TV show star, and candidate for Nevada's state legislature, Dennis Hof, has died, according to his campaign manager.

Chuck Muth announced the death Tuesday morning that Hof passed away at his Love Ranch South brothel. Nye County officials have confirmed the death.

Hof was known nationwide for his role in the HBO series "Cathouse," which documented the lives of the workers in his half-a-dozen Nevada brothels.

His brothel empire started with his purchase of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in 1992. He was well-known for his proposing that the brothels be taxed by the state. Nye County officials had recently closed the Love Ranch South brothel which was reopened after a win in court.