Bridgette B, Seth Gamble Tangle for Whitney Wright,

Bridgette B and Seth Gamble costar in “Obeying Instinct” for writer-director Whitney Wright, her first featurette for

Bridgette B, Seth Gamble Tangle for Whitney Wright, MissaX

Bridgette B and Seth Gamble tangle in “Obeying Instinct” for writer-director Whitney Wright, her first featurette for

B is the reigning XBIZ Awards winner for MILF Performer of the Year, while Gamble is a 2019 XBIZ Awards winner for Best Actor. Wright recently made her debut as a filmmaker for MissaX sister site That featurette, “,” has blossomed into a hit.

“The customers love it, and it's been highly reviewed,” a rep said. “We are so excited to give members their first scene written and directed by Whitney.”

In “Obeying Instinct,” Gamble introduces his girlfriend (Mackenzie Moss) to his father (David Lord) and stepmother (B). The last time the younger hunk met his stepmother, they made passionate love and tension still lingers between them.

“Bridgette wedges herself between Seth and Mackenzie,” said the rep. “She's determined to be her stepson's one-and-only, but will Seth allow himself to be taken away from his girlfriend? Watch the story unfold as Bridgette orchestrates the ultimate seduction right underneath her unsuspecting husband's nose.”

Wright hired her own crew, Missa X told XBIZ, and praised Wright's careful preparation. "She's a new director, but she teaches us something every time she produces for us. Whitney studies technique, scriptwriting, and it's common for her and the actors to spend hours on set getting the shots and the dialogue perfect," she said. "Our customers clamor for more Whitney Wright pieces and we want to give them what they want. We are endlessly grateful to Whitney and her crew and we intend to work with her for a long time." 

Wright praised her stars. "Bridgette and Seth were the perfect actors for their roles.  They both made their characters come to life even better than I first envisioned,” she told XBIZ. “From beginning-to-end, they went above-and-beyond for us. I'm eager for the members to see this one.  Bridgette is a site favorite, and I have no doubt that Seth will be as well."

“Obeying Instinct” runs 50 minutes and is set for release today. Click for details and find a trailer on Twitter .