Brett Rossi’s ‘Dream Pairings’ star showcase, The Collector

As Girlsway’s August 2017 Girl of the Month, Rossi was given the opportunity to choose her ‘Dream’ co-stars – Abigail Mac and Lyra Law – for two eye-popping sex scenes with her personal and holistic ‘trainers’ with an emphasis on sexual healing.

“A big thank you to Bree, Alan and the Girlsway crew for making The Collector such a memorable experience,” said Rossi. “They allow you to openly engage in ideas while getting to work with your favorite performers. I couldn’t ask for a better job than a day at Girlsway.”

“Thank you to Alan, Bree and the rest of the hard-working production team; thank you to the editors because I know y’all work just as hard as we do and even harder on some scenes, and thanks to Gamma for taking a chance and starting this brilliant endeavor,” said Jones. “I can’t wait to see where it grows from here!”

Rossi, along with Girlsway director-producers Bree Mills and Stills by Alan, thoughtfully fused their story ideas to craft a unique two-in-one scene in The Collector, specifically, the idea of Rossi as a sex addict who ‘collects’ partners.

“We had a lot of fun collaborating with Brett, bringing in two ‘personal trainers’ to help with her ‘problem’,” said Mills of the Collector’s cheeky storyline. “She was amazing, and we look forward to more fun times on Girlsway sets with Brett in the future.”

Brett Rossi’s ‘Dream Pairings’ scene The Collector is available August 10 at .