Exclusive Interview with Natasha Nice

Natasha Nice recently returned to performing in Porn after some time away. The regionstroi-orel.ru team got an exclusive interview with the sexy Natasha.

Natasha Nice came into the Porn World with a BANG; literally with her first movie releasing in 2006. She seemingly was everywhere shooting scene after scene; with more than 150 DVD title credits and countless other appearances suddenly one day -- she was gone...

A few weeks ago she announced through her publicist she was returning to the business! The reason she left and subsequently the reason she's 'back' will shock you to learn.

Why did you leave the business in the first place?

I wasn't ready to take it up the ass yet so I took a break to focus on school.

and of course... why did you come back?

Because I'm horny and feel like taking it up the ass now... also because school is kinda boring don't get me wrong I love it n shit but there's no place like porn.

Do you feel any different about the business now than when you came in young?

I kinda feel like I never left but at the same time it all feels like it's been ages, its only been a few years since I left but I look at pics from like Rookie Pussy or scenes I did for Anabolic and I'm like 'holy shit it might as well have been another lifetime'. People keep telling me 'the industry has changed, its not like it used to be' and I'm curious what they mean. I can see the huge numbers of girls in it now but I wonder what else is different, I'm still too 'new' to have noticed yet.

How old were you when you shot your first scene?

18... and a month I think lol

You're in the PornStarTweet.com (our sister company) disaster, I mean movie -- do you remember that?

Yes. What a great fuckup, I mean movie that was. 

Are you approaching your return differently?

Um... well it has been ten years since I first got in so technically Im a little bit smarter than I was when I started and I think the main thing I care about now that I didn't care about much back then is taking better care of myself, which I think will eventually show on camera.

Are you building a career and legacy?

I should probably look at it like that huh? Honestly, I just want to enjoy whatever years I have left in this business. Im not sure I want to shoot for the rest of my life but I want to work hard and enjoy myself sexually and artistically for as long as I can. I think once my tits reach my belly button I'll call it quits.

Thinking about roles and projects more than before? I love shooting features. I mean what girl doesn't love features? Other than that , is big on my mind. Im not sure what direction I want to go with it yet though. I dont feel like a milf but Im not 18 so..... I guess Ill just be me haha.  Meanwhile, I shot for Greg Lansky (which I'm fucking thrilled about you should go check it out) and Xander's cock felt soooooooooo good stretching my asshole like that, that I'm pretty sure I'm hooked on anal scenes now.

Have you immediately noticed any differences in the business since you've been away?

TONS of girls.

What types of scenes will you be doing now? Have you loosened or tightened your list of yes or has your 'no list' grown?

Loosened. Definitely loosened lol. 

Dick Burns also interviewed Natasha Nice for a Dick Burns' Deep Inside Segment that will be posted shortly.  We wish Natasha Nice much success in her return. Check out for updates; or follow  ().