Escort Terminology 101

So you decided to take the leap and hire a professional to outsource your sexual needs. Here are the terms you need to know before you book your next provider.


Definition: Cum on Body

Fairly straight forward. You should confirm with your provider that they'll allow you to ejaculate on their body before doing so...



Definition: French Kiss

Kiss with tongue contact. Usually provided with GFE (see below)

A / A-Level / Greek

Definition: Anal Sex

There are a few variations on this but the meaning is the same - provider allows anal penetration. 



Definition: bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism

A catch-all phrase of sorts, BSDM is a variety of erotic roleplaying practices that often include a power exchange between consenting partners. There are a number of providers that offer unique niche practices from rubber fetish to spanking. Do the research, try a few different experiences to find what meets your desires. 



Definition: Girlfriend Experience / Boyfriend Experience.
Services vary but may include french kissing, hugging, talking, and eating a meal together. If the sex worker is male, the service is called the boyfriend experience. The provider is sometimes less of a clock watcher too. If your looking for a more personal encounter than choose GFE.


Definition: Cum In Mouth

Yep, you guessed it. Also may mean the provider might be willing to offer a blowjob without condom or BBBJ



Definition: Bare Backed Blow Job
Not available from all escorts since STDs can be passed via unprotected oral sex. Ask your provider prior.


Definition: Multiple Shots On Goal

The provider may allow you to experience more than one ejaculation a session. May not be available for shorter sessions.



Definition: Bare back blow job to completion, no quit, no spit

A useless abbreviation of sorts. 

Final Thought

Hiring an escort can be a fulfilling experience. To be certain you leave satisfied be sure to ask your provider before you start that they offer the services you require. Have fun, be safe and be mindful of your provider. Treat them with the respect they deserve and in turn they will be certain to make your experience out of this world.